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If you're excited about the booklet, the Community Of Dreams AND know you could do with a good dose of ongoing accountability, inspiration and support, come join  like-minded mums in The EMPOWERED Membership. This is the one place I share ALL my coaching knowledge, life lessons, blessings and more ... like bonus interviews with therapists! Fun.

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All The Support, Care and Resources You Need To Reclaim You!


You're doing the HARDEST and MOST VITAL role on the planet: Raising Children! And while there's books, social media and let's be honest, other peoples opinions bombarding you with must-do's, hacks and expectations, they're not helping. In fact, they do the opposite. 

Of course you doubt your decision-making! It's hard not to when all you see is everyone elses wins, right?

That's where coaching comes in. 

As a teen mum, a depressed mum, a working mum, a studying mum, an isolated mum, a loved-up-isn't-life-awesome-mum and everything-in between mum, I've spent over two decades studying and APPLYING the strategies I offer mothers during coaching.

My goal? To support you on your road back to you. If you want to:

regain feelings of control

trust in yourself

learn how to reduce anxiety and increase hope

feel excited about your days

connect more deeply with those you love

and so much more in a safe space, YOU'VE GOT TO GET IN! 

Join The EMPOWERED Membership TODAY. NOW! It's too important not to.

Think about it. Nothing changes if nothing changes. What happens if you're feeling the same guilt, frustration, isolation or fear in five years? 

We're here to EMPOWER 100 MOTHERS - will you be one?

If you're not ready to accept this life is yours for the taking, coaching won't be for you. I work with mothers COMMITTED to continual growth so together, we can empower children one adult at at time. 

PS you're here, so I'm sure that's a woman like you ;-)

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Coaching changed my life ...

and my childrens


I'm not sure where my life would be if I'd not come across the world of Life Coaching. To be truthful, I'm not sure I'd want to. Remembering my 3 year old son patting my shoulder & saying "It's ok, I'll look after you" as I sat crying in the hallway is not a moment I'm proud of. That memory was more than two decades ago now, but I've learned to change it from guilt to motivation. That's why, with the unwavering support and championing of my friend and business partner Kristine, I do what I do. 

Chat soon, Catherine

I'm over the guilt too - EMPOWERED membership - here I come

Disclaimer: Advice and strategies are offerings of care only and not to be viewed as professional mental health advice. The tools suggested created positive results emotionally, physically, financially and in terms of relationships in my life due to consistent implementation and reflecton. Results cannot be guaranteed as they depend on many variables such as commitment, environment, external support, personality and so on. By choosing to work with me, Catherine, Developing Dreams or by impementing any strategies we offer, you are doing so at your own will. Best wishes.

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