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We're Kristine and Catherine and we're so happy you're here.

We See You.

You're dedicated to giving your children the best of you. They're your world, your everything and you yearn for their happiness. But you never knew parenting would be so hard. Wasn't being a mother going to give you joy and purpose? Instead, you're left wondering who you really are. You're so tired of feeling frustrated, stuck and alone and you worry constantly about what your child will experience in the world.

It's ok. We've got you.

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What would it be like to:

  • Wake up enthusiastic and optimistic about your day
  • Feel empowered in your parenting role
  • Be certain of your decision-making
  • Know what really matters in your life and why
  • Be surrounded by people who get you! That champion for your success and happiness … and for your children's too.
  • Feel proud and content when you rest your head at night
  • Re-connect with your authentic self
  • Feel truly grateful, happy and purposeful
  • Have beneficial and meaningful relationships
  • Be the mother you know your child needs
  • Model resiliency, joy and connection for your children
  • Inspire and support other mothers

It's ALL possible with our signature coaching framework EMPOWERED. We'll show you how.

Here's why we do what we do.

We created EMPOWERED when we realised so many women (especially mums) were struggling with worry, hopelessness and fear. These women would try to find answers from child specialists or ask for feedback from friends, family or social groups, but they weren't getting the help they needed. We've not only lived this problem as mothers, but we've studied it for decades and found the easiest way for women to reclaim the joy, motivation and personal alignment they've been missing. Here's how using these steps has positively impacted our lives:

As young mothers still coping with the aftermath of teen years and the challenges that come with growing up, we experienced life disconnected from loved ones, sad, depressed, and at times not wanting to go on. As mothers, there were moments we felt terrible guilt and shame, often lasting years. Realising we wanted to be better for our children, we committed to developing our mental health and promised ourselves we'd never go back to being that person. In 2001, our professional roles as early childhood educators led us to each other and a friendship soon formed. Aligned with values of relationships, wellbeing, contribution and a love of all things personal empowerment, we began the dream. To continue to develop ourselves, to love and prioritise our families and to create a community of empowered women and children. Fast forward to today and we couldn't be more excited about our lives. Together we've created an award winning preschool known for it's dedication and ability to empower staff, children and families.... and purchased a second Centre in October 2020. We've nurtured genuine and mutually beneficial relationships with friends and families and are well on our way to 'empowering children one adult at a time'.  Don't get us wrong, we still experience sadness and challenge, we just don't unpack our bags and live there. Because we've embedded the EMPOWERED framework into every area of our lives, they're now second nature to us. Our mental and emotional responses are strengthening each day. This is evident to those who know us. The intention to live our best lives, our experience as mothers and our professional qualifications and commitments have blessed us with the skills to assist you too. And we can't wait.

The EMPOWERED Membership is your solution!

It began with us facilitating over 40 FREE workshops for mothers called 'Empower To Empower'. What we continued to hear was SO MANY women wanting to join, but unable to make it work due to ... well, everything that comes with being a mum!

That led us to create THE EMPOWERED MEMBERSHIP. 

We're taking everything great about Empower To Empower and x10!!!

Support, fun, knowledge, sharing, resources, guest speakers - all the great things.

If you're not quite sure if The EMPOWERED Membership is for you (side note, you're still reading this so yes, it is) or you want to get to know us a little better, that's ok too. Sign up to our emails and we'll provide motivation and support that way. See? We've got you. It's all good.

Not only are you exposed to the compassion and knowledge of Catherine, you'll gain access to strategies and concepts which will allow you to start self-coaching imediately. And then keep with you forever. 

By accessing The EMPOWERED Membership you expose yourself to the exact strategies, tools and techniques that have been the foundation of the Developing Dreams personal and professional success. That is, the happiness, purpose and vision of us, Catherine and Kristine, and many of the women we work with.

'Thank you for providing this opportunity' - Hayley

When we launched EMPOWERED the membership, we were blown away by women bursting to join us.

Here's how your life will look when you're EMPOWERED

  • You'll be inspired as a mother and woman
  • Motivation's only a thought away
  • Judgement, guilt and frustration no longer live in your heart, your mind or your home
  • The vision and legacy you want to leave are so clearly a part of you, every decision is allowing you to live these daily
  • People feel better for being around you - without taking energy from you
  • You don't worry about your children like you used to
  • Life feels safer and kinder now
  • You KNOW  you're in total control of your mind, your emotions, your behaviours and your life. 
  • You're living the way you want your child to remember you

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"After our beautiful boy Liam tragically passed away from brain cancer at the age of three, I saw a few counsellors to help me grieve. To help me understand how to live my life as a new normal while understanding how to help my family, although unfortunately, they didn't work for me. I then approached Catherine and took six weeks of coaching. It was amazing how much I learned and helped my family and I still do the same practices Catherine taught me. Coaching was a better fit for me. Much more personal and less clinical. I am truly grateful for stumbling across Developing Dreams all those years ago because I truly believe they've changed my life in so many ways, as a person, a mum and a wife."

Emily, 14th April 2020


Here's what people say after working with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Community Of Dreams is a safe space in person and online where women champion and support each other as they work on their mental wellbeing, understanding this is what's best for children. The 'village'. It began in 2013 with the opening of Developing Dreams Early Learning Centre in NSW Australia, where Kristine & Catherine would (and still do) hold free empowerment workshops for mothers in the local community. In 2015, Catherine began speaking and training sessions which focussed on empowering early childhood educators and parents. Receiving immense positive feedback on the content and relationships experienced, 2020 sees Catherine & Kristine's vision expand to touching the lives of women beyond their immediate physical reach.

No, you definitely don't. Our goal is to support women in the way that suits them best. You can be as involved in the Community Of Dreams as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. If you're happy just to receive our emails, we're happy too.

You're correct and yes, Catherine gained certification with the International Coach Federation (ICF) in 2010, is a qualified Life Coach and certified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner.

We do not offer a refund on ebooks or group coaching. If you sign up for an individual Coaching Package, do the work of the first session (returning this as evidence of your commitment) but feel it's not for you, we'll gladly refund your fees for the remaining 5 sessions. To offer certainty and ensure a great fit between Catherine and yourself, please access the opportunity to engage in a free 20 minute clarity call prior to purchasing the EMPOWERED package.

While Life Coaching sessions may benefit from exploration of past events, the primary focus is on moving forward, like drawing a line in the sand. Goodbye to unresourceful and unsupportive behaviours. Coaching is all about your goals and future. It involves exploration of tools, techniques and strategies designed to move you closer to a life you desire. Coaches use a process of enquiry and intentional observation to bring awareness to a client's patterns and potential limiting beliefs. Unique to the EMPOWERED program are supplementary concept sheets which provide the client with  keepsakes of coaching knowledge beneficial for future use. Coaching assists clients to align with personal values, create empowering beliefs and learn ESSENTIAL skills for positive relationship and life satisfaction. Whether needing direction personally or professionally, coaching is your supportive and empowering way forward. It also gives you the added bonus of learning the skills to assist those around you too. Bonus, especially if you're a mum!



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