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 5 Things You May Not Know About Us ...

 We met in 2001 when working in long day care. Connected by a shared vision to provide for others what we would want for our children and for ourselves as educators and mothers, we took a chance and created Developing Dreams. Am empowerment company and 2 early leaning centres who's vision is to 'empower children one adult at a time'. We're happy you've come along!

We, Kristine & Catherine,

  1. can often be heard asking, ‘What’s the intention?' This is our favourite go-to decision-making tool and continues to be an instrumental technique in all our success. Try it!
  2. are both one of four children, each with two sisters and one brother – what are the odds of that? No seriously, we’d be interested in what the odds of that is…
  3. are fast in different ways. Catherine talks fast and Kristine tasks fast.
  4. think taking a week’s Dream leave (besides being with family) would look like Kristine travelling overseas, trying new experiences and reading, and Catherine spending it writing, eating delicious food and lazing (ie. sleeping) in the sun.
  5. LOVE any excuse for a celebration. Case in point: our early learning centre facilitates a month-long celebration for the children, families and teachers every June. Life’s what you make it, right? Why not make it fun!

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