Want your children to be resilient, happy & to DREAM BIG? Let's show them how!

it starts with you, mum :-)

Relationships and Wellbeing are the guiding values which have allowed the Developing Dreams vision to become a reputable and award-winning company.

From opening with one child on our first day to operating two exceeding Centre's, we're proud to be known as a go-to place for support & empowerment.

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EMPOWERED is the Developing Dreams signature coaching framework designed for women committed to giving children the best start in life AND to up-levelling themselves. Available as 1:1 coaching or lifetime access to our online membership community.

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Find clarity, support, strategies & alignment in EMPOWERED

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 We want mothers to feel EMPOWERED



And by 'it' we mean the life of your dreams and mothering you're proud of.

Say goodbye to fear, frustration & failure, and hello to knowing "I'VE GOT THIS!"

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"When you begin to talk culture and change, you need someone who has walked there before you. Catherine has done just that. We can't recommend her enough and know that the early childhood sector and Developing Dreams are fortunate that she is a leading force in both of them."

Melinda, EMPOWERED contributor

"I really enjoy being a part of this group. Although I don't have my own children, I am surrounded by plenty o friends & family that do. This is a great platform where I can read the advice ... to offer the loved ones in my life going through challenging times"

EMPOWERED member & EC Educator

"Thank you everyone for your support! Wow, I have been so lucky to a part of an amazing and inspiring group of women"

EMPOWERED member & mum of two

"This was amazing. Seriously, this group is full of such valuable content, resources and most of all, valuable people"

EMPOWERED member & mum of two
  • Your dreams for your children include happiness, resilience and confidence
  • You're committed to giving your child the best of you
  • You believe in the benefit of community
  • You know there's more to this wonderful (yet at times trying) game called life
  • You value connection, respect and passion
  • You believe working on yourself is the best gift you can give your child
  • You know you've got more to offer the loves of your life
  • You're yearning for something more... even though you're not sure what that is
  • You want to be an example of empowerment for your child
  • You know you're a committed mother who's tried so many strategies, but feel something's still missing

We Understand Mothering And We're Here To Help

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"Thanks again for your expert guidance and support. I truly feel empowered owning and living my goals and creating more dreams for this life with my little man."


EMPOWERED was designed for mums

Use this 3 step framework to reduce the feelings you DON'T want and INCREASE the feelings you KNOW you deserve. Imagine the love in your home if you felt calm, content, certain and inspired! That's what you want to give your children.