Live The Life Of Your Dreams ... In 3 Simple Steps

She cancelled her girls weekend away for her birthday and joined me to look at a preschool for sale. I've never asked her what it was that made her do this, but I'm sure glad she did.

Seven years ago, on the 23rd February, Kristine and I spent her 33rd birthday viewing the Centre we now own, followed by immediate discussions of 'the dream'. Kristine by nature is cool, calm and collected which I'm certain she oozed on that day. Me on the other hand? I'd say I was talking a million miles an hour as I allowed the internal feels to rise up and out of me.

If you know our story, it might seem like a fairy tale and there's definitely times we believe it is ("two mums create a 'dream' business from nothing", read in my newsreader overtone). In fact we think this every other day! But those days have included lots of challenge too. Chasing anything real has to have it's challenges, doesn't it?

"If it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you"

Building our company isn't far removed from parenting, which is why small businesses are often referred to as the owner's 'baby'. The idea begins and is both exciting and scarey at the same time. Doubts like who are we to do this, or we've got no idea what we're doing, are often running rampant in your mind ... quite like that toddler who's just not tired anymore! What impact will this have on us and life as we know it? Will it change us? Bring us together or further apart? These questions definitely pertained to me when pregnant with my children and when starting the business.

But I wouldn't change my choices and I'm certain you wouldn't either. Through all the heartbreak, tears, tantrums and long, long days, you savour those memories, moments and meltings etched in your heart and mind. The silver linings and rainbows.

After seven years of nurturing, designing and supporting the dream for our business and our life, we've discovered there are three essential steps to keep us inspired, aligned and purposeful. Apply these to your life and watch your dreams grow too:

1. DREAM IT! What is your heart yearning for? Is it connection, growth, independence, creativity? The list is endless, but the list must be meaningful to you. Just you. Don't think you have to imagine grandiose adventures or achievements. A realistic dream for you could be spending two hours in 'contented' solitude. Not fretting, not staying busy, not running from your feelings or toward a task. Decide your dream and begin to grow it with love today.

2. OWN IT! No excuses allowed. Just a good old reality check of empowered response-ability here. This one precious life of yours NEEDS you to embrace it with every fibre of your being and I urge you to take it. No matter what your situation is, I promise there's someone who'd love to champion you on. And that someone might just be you ;-) Higher Self, I'm calling on you.

3. LIVE IT! You've got your Dream (your why and what) and you are committed to making it happen. I'm so happy for you. Now's the time to start. And I mean, RIGHT NOW! I'm excited to see you take the first step toward your dream life, because honestly, what's the alternative? You keep doing the same thing, feeling the same emotions when inside, you know there's more. Decide today, what's the first action you can take to live your dream? Do you need to book an appointment? Create a vision board? Call a friend for accountability? Listen to a podcast on that topic? 

"If you want to be happy,

set a goal that commands your thoughts,

liberates your energy and inspires your hopes"

- Andrew Carnegie

A dream is just a dream until you make it happen. 

Sending so much support,