Temperatures can be hot and cold, right? The belief that constitutes hot or cold however, is individually determined by each of us. That is, not every person will reach for a jacket or a dip in the nearest ocean just because a certain degree is recorded.


In the same vain, people’s opinions about what defines early or late will differ. And fast or slow. Rock or classical. Good or bad. A thoughtful person or a selfish person. These are scenarios across a spectrum and your view of them is entirely your own.


Temperature. Time. Music. Taste. Behaviours. Colour. Distance. Examples are everywhere.


“How is this helping me to stop feeling stuck?” you may be thinking.


I hear you.


If you have the same problem or unresourceful emotion WAY more than you want to, do this one step to take you from stuck to serene.


The above-mentioned concepts are examples of Polarity. Coach & author Christy Whitman states there are two poles, or opposites of everything. The Law of Polarity represents the two extremes of one ‘thing’. Having a sound appreciation for the Law Of Polarity brings with it the opportunity to move from stuck to serene. Let me explain how. By embracing the spectrum of Polarity, you provide yourself the opportunity to challenge and subsequently change your thinking. That is, you understand you can review the story playing on repeat in your head … the story that’s keeping you stuck!


“This Universal Law states that everything is on a continuum and has an opposite.

We can suppress and transform undesirable thoughts by concentrating on the opposite pole.”

Author Unknown


Let’s say you’re constantly frustrated by your circumstance. You feel bored and purposeless day after day. You’ve felt this way for so long, you’ve become habituated and stuck. Instead of playing a fun and energetic game of Stuck In The Mud like you did as a child, you’re now engaging in Mumma Stuck In The Mundane – and it’s the opposite of fun! Aaagghhh.


Take your ‘stuckness’ and picture the spectrum it would be on, like a straight line or measuring stick. Feel free to make this any colour you want – go on, add a little uniqueness and creativity to how you’re going to measure your life šŸ˜‰


What word or descriptor would be at one end – like HOT – and what word would represent the polarity of that – like COLD? Except use words to describe your stuckness, not the temperature! Exhilarated and exhausted for example. Make sure to use words that resonate with you.


Now, either draw or visualise this continuum, then place or draw your stuckness on the spectrum, somewhere between these two polarities. Have you labelled your stuckness? Get as specific as you can, because clarity clears the way for certainty and results. Living in a land of wishy-washy generalisations promotes feelings of hopelessness, and you’re not wanting to add feelings of hopelessness to this task, I’m sure.


Looking at your spectrum, you can see you’ve created room to move. Now you’ve given yourself the power to choose how and where you want your focus to be, such as closer to one word/feeling, or the other. Hot dang – that’s a whole new playing field in the game of life! This visualisation helps you see there’s more than just the feeling you’re feeling, even though when you’re in it, it doesn’t feel like there’s any other way to live. That’s why you feel stuck: you think there’s no options, but I promise sweet friend, there’s always another way to view a situation. Your brains a clever tool, it just needs to be trained better.


After playing along, you’re now able to change the auto-repeat that’s been in your mind to whatever feeling will SERVE YOU! ‘Whoop, whoop – serenity and purpose, here I come’ you can proudly shout.


By actioning this simple yet HIGHLY effective coaching technique, you can quickly regain control of your thoughts, feelings, actions, therefore YOUR LIFE. Give me a hell yeah!


I’m so super happy for you. Head off now, back to your amazing life and choose to view it through a lens that inspires and supports you. I know you’ve got it in you.


Stay wonderful,



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