"If you don't have 5 minutes to pray, pray for 2 hours.


I'm not sure if this quote uses the word 'meditate' instead of pray, but I'm taking it's point now.


I've noticed feelings of chasing my tail, there 'not being enough time', feeling fatigued, wanting to zone out and wanting to hop off this ride for a minute!


I love my life and work but what I'm doing isn't sustainable."


Recently, I found these thoughts written as an old diary entry. Is it just me, or can you relate?


As a mum, it's easy to feel you're in a 24/7 role. In reality, you are!


And when you're balancing life's needs like you're spinning plates, it's only time until something breaks, right?


Remember sweet friend, not all plates are equal. Some may be paper, some are ready for the rubbish and others are made of a gorgeous glass. These glass plates are the ones to handle with attention.


This analogy reminds you what to focus on and as importantly, what not to.


As I continued with this Diary entry, I intentionally implemented a Brain Dump, allowing my frustrations to fall onto the paper, including a list of my perceived Challenges (what's not sustainable, what's not serving me). And yes, that's exactly how it's titled in my journal, complete with brackets! My Solution (again, titled in my diary) became simple, as offered on the next page of my entry:


- schedule my week

- share it

- stick to it!


Those solutions were relevant to me, because my children are grown and I operate two preschools. You'll need different solutions. 


My  EMPOWERED framework is designed to guide you in moments like these. Ask yourself:

1. What matters? (Dream It)

2. What's your reality? (Own It)

3. What's in your control? (Live It)


Back to my diary. The next dates entry began with 'Feeling great this morning!' A start contrast to the day before 🙏


At 49 years of age, I've been 'round the block enough to know the Brain Dump & Challenges entry won't be the last time my diary is privvy to my woes. And that's totally ok, life's not meant to be something we gain success at or complete.


It's a game of continual growth.


As you head off today, I'm curious, would your diary entry be a Brain Dump 'cause you're so overwhelmed, or would it be the 'I'm feeling great' page?


If you're the former, try these easy steps to bring calm and clarity:

- Brain Dump to get your thoughts out of your head

- Move your body to shift your energy (somatics work)

- Now pen what matters to you. It might be as simple as hugging the person you love, drinking more water, or finishing a work task.


We make life harder than it needs to be. I know life events can be hard, but if we're not managing our minds, the little things like unpacked dishwashers, messy floors and toast for dinner feel monumental, when in actual fact, they're just unpacked dishwashers, messy floors and toast for dinner. They're not glass plates about to break. They're more like plastic. Drop it and it'll be there later for you to pick up.










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