You and I, we might be really different, with daily routines, interests and family structure's poles apart.


Add your neighbour and mine, and they'll be different too!


If we shared our heart's desires, fears, financial wins and woes, health issues and childhood memories, we'd fill a book, 'cause this big, bold world is full of unique humans, right? Right.


But there is something we can agree on and it's something that has the power to move us toward or away from our dreams. It's the reason we keep reaching for the chocolate when we know it's not good for us, or why we stay up late, completely aware we'll pay for it in the morning!




And not one feeling, but a range of emotions each unique to the individual and the situation it pertains to.


Yep - we do the thing we do, or don't do the things we know we should, 'cause we want something: we want a certain feeling.


Think about 

- a fave holiday

- winning the lotto

- running 10ks

- writing a novel

- finishing uni

- the children getting along all day!


Each of these events assume a feeling when they occur, like joy, calm, success, achievement, satisfaction etc etc 


So yeah, we're all wanting the same thing: a desired feeling. 


What if you could create that feeling WITHOUT having to fly to Europe or wait for one rare day that the children might do as they're asked all day?


Dr Hawkins and Abraham Hicks have similar ways of helping us on this quest: the Scale of Consciousness and the Emotional Guidance Scale respectively.


In both ideas, we're shown a range of emotions from lower vibrancy emotions like grief and shame, to higher vibrational emotions like peace, joy and empowerment. They suggest we cannot leap permanently from a low vibration to a high vibration, rather, we need to move through emotions, like a ladder.


I call this the Invisible Ladder and the Invisible Ladder is built by each rung being a more beneficial and supportive belief than the one before. Think of something you're looking forward to: what emotions do you think you'll feel when you experience it? Once you've clarified the emotions you'll have, start exploring how you could feel those emotions now! What else could you do? What thoughts could you think? The more you practice this, the more sturdy the rungs on your Invisible Ladder and at the top of your ladder is the joy, peace and emotional wealth you're really seeking.


We all want a certain feeling. 


We don't all want the SAME feeling, nor will we get it from the same things, but we're each making choices we think will help us feel ..... something.


What's a next best feeling you could choose NOW without waiting for something or someone else? Try it, it's powerful  🙏





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