What would you give to know your children would live a life they loved?


What would you pay to provide happiness and resilience to those you care about?


If only it were as easy as picking a product off a shelf, but raising empowered children isn't as simple as that. Nor is supporting loved ones through tragedy and trauma.


Nope, there's no miracle pill. There's no one-and-done phrase. There's no quick fix to making life stay the way you want for you, your children or your loved ones.


Would you even want it to? We definitely want to lean our scale of emotions toward joy, connection, purpose and all those feel-good-feels, but without the contrast of broken hearts, would we have ever really lived?


Let's agree you and I, and those we love or lead, are going to experience hard things. As Glennon Doyle famously coined 'We can do hard things'.


This, my sweet friend, is a SIGNIFICANT way to raise empowered children.


The more YOU build your capacity to do hard things, to feel the big emotions you don't want to feel, the greater the opportunity of supporting others. 


This happens in two ways:

1. those around you have the chance to learn from you (remember, your children are always watching how you experience what life throws at you)

2. you increase your ability to hold space for others


If you've ever sat across the table from a loved one who's contemplated suicide or watched a young adult pace in anxiety, you'll never regret building your ability to sit with them in times of hard emotions. 


And it starts when they're little.


So beautiful person, know you're not being selfish if you take time for yourself, if you do things that light you up, if you spend time on YOUR mental wellbeing. You are doing the best thing you can for those you love. And that one reason is enough.


If you increase your emotional capacity enough to help one child, one teen or one adult through their hardest days, it will be totally worth your effort, commitment and your own self-work.


Let's do this together. Let's be the one's to help others do hard emotions.


Stay wonderful and enjoy,




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