The new year is here. In fact, we're already one week into 2024, so yep, buckle up 'cause life seems to be getting faster and faster. Or is that my age talking? 🤔


It's hard to experience the new year season without some talk of 'goal setting', a 'new you' or 'a best year yet'. I must admit though, I'm not a huge fan of this in my life. I don't set specific goals for what I want to achieve, accomplish or tick-off. I actually used to repel these ideas, like physically recoil if someone asked me to write a goal 😐


My brain starts offering thoughts at rapid fire pace like:

- I don't know what I'll want in an hour, how can I decide on something 6 months or 3 years from now?

- What if I change my mind?

- What if I don't like it or life happens and it's not applicable anymore?


But I can appreciate you fantastic SMART Goal enthusiasts are rolling your eyes in disbelief, and wondering how I achieve ANYTHING if I don't ever commit?!


Let me explain. SMART goals are smart: for the right people, and my experience tells me these people are often natural forward thinkers, planners and do-ers. They're often logical and direct. These people want goal posts to aim for! I love having these people in my life 🥰


In case you're wondering, a SMART goal is 







Aaaand, that's not the only way to chase your dreams, create a life you love or uplevel year after year. If you're like me and find it hard to set and STICK TO yearly goals, it's ok. There's nothing wrong with you! In the world of Human Design, we're known as 'non-specific' manifestors. That means we're more inclined toward flow, feeling, changing and indirect progress. Even writing those words makes my nervous system calmer. What about you?


This is why I've completed multiple qualifications, own multiple properties, operate three small businesses, plus other life 'stuff' and have not written one new year's goal! So in case you're beating yourself up for being too goal-focussed or feeling ashamed for not following through again, don't be. I'm sure you're doing life your way. 


Afterall, isn't living life 'your way' the one goal you should be aspiring to achieve?


Cheers to you doing you,




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